Monday, May 21, 2007

Avril Lavinge "not really naked"

Avril Lavigne has attempted to explain the Blender cover to MTV News:

Truth be told, Lavigne revealed to us before taking the stage last night, the photo shoot was a little more innocent than you think. "Actually, I'm not topless on the cover," she said. "I was wearing a tube top, and they just kind of put a banner on top of it."

Even if she's not topless, the 22-year-old is still flaunting her inner bad girl. "The Blender shoot was really fun because it was super rock and roll — we had a bottle of [whiskey] and ate cupcakes," she said. "Everyone was super cool. It was definitely a different kind of photo shoot for me."

So, it only looks like she's lame enough to whack her tits out for Maxim. That's, erm, alright then.

And there were cupcakes there. Evidently she was the lead cupcake.


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Shame the photoshoot wasn't more explicit or you could have used Avril La-minge.

Coat please!

Mikey said...

Any 'tube top' she was wearing would have been visible above or below the banners.

Either (a) she was wearing a thin belt over her raspberries in the Jodie marsh style or (b) she has developed a boob tube that defies the laws of of physics - in which case perhaps she should have her own range on New Look?

Anonymous said...

If she is wearing a tube top it would be visible but if she wasn't then her boobs are a really odd shape

Sarah Ditum said...

I do believe that "fleshtone" is one of the colours available in Photoshop. She could be wearing a binbag round her boobs and none of us would be any the wiser once the pic was processed.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Admittedly - after all, Loaded did once take out Mel B's bikini, to her anger and our horror.

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