Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Embed and breakfast man: Happy Birthday, Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess was born - not on Christmas Day at all, but May 30th, 1967. Just one day after Noel Gallagher. To celebrate, we're going to speckle today's postings with some glorious Tim action. As you do. (With, obviously, apologies to those of you who hate The Charlatans.)

First, Tellin' Stories, live at the 2006 T in The Park:

Today's other Tim-related videos:
Tim Burgess reveals his underwear in a Guardian interview
How High - Sheffield Octagon, 2006
Then on Granada TV, 1990s
A Town Called Malice - The Charlatans with Paul Weller in Manchester, 2007
Tim plays Manchester Charades for a Virgin Mobile promo

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