Monday, May 14, 2007

Global Looza

Lollapalooza, the regular chance for young Americans to see some bands which are teetering on the edge of retirement, is going to go worldwide, says Perry Farrell:

"I'm going to look to take it global."

Blimey. But don't start to dream of making a fortune scalping LollapaEarth tickets on eBay just yet. He's talking about some time before, erm, 2017:
"I want to put together an event around the world in the next 10 years that will refashion, redress, and transform. It's something I'm looking into now, and if it happens, it will happen quick. That's my ambition."

We're not quite sure how something can take ten years and be quick, unless it's a Brian Eno project of some sort, but we're sure he's got it all planned. We're also not sure how an event which had to abandon traveling around the US is suddenly going to be shifting from nation to nation. But we're sure he's got that planned, too.

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CarsmileSteve said...

hold on, he's been suggesting this since 1992! i'm sure i remember reading about this in NME back then (do you remember? when music news came once a week on crappy newsprint. AND it were only 65p)

[wanders off to retirement home]

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