Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Go back West

Things are a bit itchy between Russia and Estonia at the moment, with that moving of the bronze soldier commemorating Soviet war dead being just the focus of a long list of grievances between the two nations.

So it probably wasn't wise of Neil Tennant to turn up to play Tallinn and start addressing the crowd in Russian.

Victoria Newton has some fun at Neil's expense, rustling up an outraged fan:

One insulted fan vowed to throw her Pet Shop Boys CD collection into the Baltic Sea.

But perhaps Neil has an excuse for not knowing about the recent native Russian riots in the city - maybe he relies on a newspaper which hasn't mentioned them. Like, ooh, The Sun, for example, which has only mentioned 'Estonia' six times on its news pages this year - twice to mention that its the only place in the EU (along with Ireland) with more muggings than the UK, once to acknowledge the nation taking part in the Afghanistan war, twice in some story about football, and once in a story about a rape.

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