Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Moby tricks

We're always happy to have a pop at Moby when it's called for - which is, obviously, quite often - so it's only fair that we should doff our cap when he does something impressive.

And he just has.

The new version of his website is going to include a corner where independent filmmakers can download music to use, on a soundtrack, for free:

we're starting with about 60 pieces of eclectic, unreleased, film music, but over-time i'll continue to update it and add more music.
these 60 pieces of music can be downloaded and used for free by student filmmakers and indie filmmakers and, basically, anyone making a non-commercial* film, be it 2 minutes long or 400 minutes long.
if you're a filmmaker(or are in need of free music for a non-commercial film or video)you can sign up and download and use this music for free.

The asterisk links to some small print which effectively says that if your not-for-profit movie suddenly turns into a moneymaker, you'll have to sort out a licence with the man. Or possibly hire-in Henry Mancini instead.

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