Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Y Kant NE Dreem dOO?

As if she hasn't got enough strings and bows attached with varying degrees of surety, Tori Amos is now trying her hand at writing a musical:

"I think I am writing a musical. I'm gushing but I'm under lock and key. I'm trying to be Lloyd Webber and Rice. I'm trying to be both. I'm busy. This is such a big project - a double record, 23 songs and the extras."

Being Lloyd Webber and Rice is quite a tall order - how can you fit in all that work for the Lords Taverners and being a Lord? - but we fear she might end up closer to Richard Stilgoe. So far, she's only let slip one song is about how you kill a man, which suggests it might be a bit like Jesus Christ Superstar which is pretty much on the same subject.

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