Saturday, June 30, 2007

Apple blossoms?

It's currently an totally unsubstantiated rumour, but it's fascinating suggestion: could Jay-Z and Beyonce be about to join Apple to start a "label"?

Jay-Z is nearly out of his Def Jam contract; Beyonce is coming to the end of hers with Sony, and, of course, after settling with The Beatles, Apple is now free to be in the music business without worrying about the wrath of Ono.

On the other hand: are they really going to want to be producing content? Surely Steve Jobs is wise enough to allow the labels to go bust doing that and just enjoy the fruits of retail?

But, here's where Control has three hands: a high profile power couple making music directly for iTunes might be a handy, heavyweight warning to the majors when they're negotiating the next round of iTunes contracts: if you don't deliver your artists, we'll cut you out altogether.