Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blunt back

We'd been hoping that James Blunt might have elected to spend a life standing next to supermodels and living off the residuals from that You're Beautiful song, but it seems he's decided to make another record. And, like a politician before the local elections, he's carefully managing expectations downwards:

"For me, there was absolutely no pressure whatsoever. Having sold over 11 million albums, I know that the likelihood of doing that again is really minimal. Instead of setting that as a target, I set out to do and record something that I really enjoy, that I'm really happy with. It was a release, in a way. It's something that I can say shows my growth and a development as a songwriter and as a musician, shows development in my own life, and documents it in that way."

The development in my own life, eh? We're expecting something along the lines of:

I got a bit of money
And a sniff of fame as well
I rang my long-term girlfriend
and told her 'go to hell'

Now I'm dating models
The sort who'd never look twice
If I didn't have a wallet
That makes me seem more nice

Although we suspect we should brace ourselves for another bloody album of "it does your head in, suddenly having more money than you know what to do with."


Unknown said...

I was at the Brit Awards
I ordered a drink
I took a sip
It made me think

Is all my money
Really good for me
Is all this drink
Going to make me pee

I'm very rich
I'm very rich
I'm very rich
It's true
I'm so very rich
It's like an itch
Yes I'm much more rich than you

Anonymous said...

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