Sunday, June 24, 2007

Death comes to the festivals

The 26 year-old man who was taken to hospital in Yeovil after a suspected OD at Glastonbury has died, it has been reported.

Meanwhile, another 26 year-old man has died after collapsing at the Knowsley Hall festival on Merseyside.

Neither death is thought to be suspicious.

Meanwhile, police at Glastonbury are hailing the "slight drop" in crime this year:

The spokesman said this increase was due to the "proactive operation" of both police and security on site

By 0900 BST on Sunday there had been 236 reported crimes, down on the 267 incidents at this time in 2005.

Of these 158 were drug related, compared to 183 in 2005.

In other words, if you strip out the drug crimes - which, after all, tend to worry the police more than individual festival goers - the extra security measures have managed to reduce crime by five incidents.