Saturday, June 30, 2007

Embed and breakfast man: Boo Radleys weekend

This weekend, a mini-festival of Boo Radleys performances. We have a more than soft spot for the Boos, having seen them a surpising number of times before they got good, due to their habit of popping up supporting every second band to play at Liverpool's Planet X, Poly or Cosmos. It's fair to say their skill at getting bookings ran a little ahead of their talents - Sice was, at this time, widely believed in the city to be miming his guitar parts. But all that gigging paid off, and slowly, the Do Badleys surprised all of us by getting good. And then essential, buoyed by a contract with Creation at the time when the label was both in a position to, and of a mind to, sign off on some experimental mucking about which resulted in a couple of the greatest, if most-overlooked, albums of what we have to call the Britpop era. If Oasis were Creation's cash cow, and the Primals the stud pony, the Boo Radleys were the label's clever chameleons.

So, across this weekend, some posts featuring the best of the You Radleys from BooTube. First, with the sort of bad-punning inevitably you've come to know and love, we disinter the band with their Glastonbury 1994 performance of Lazarus:

Also this weekend
Glastonbury 1995
Happens To Us All from Snub TV
It's Lulu on Top of the Pops

Buy Radleys:
A somewhat low-key Best Of released through Camden last month
Learning To Walk in 2003's re-issue of Rough Trade's 1992 compilation of their early stuff, including the debut ep which was released through a semi-obscure label based in Preston
Everything's Alright Forever and Giant Steps - that'd be those two albums we were talking about up there.

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