Saturday, June 23, 2007

Glastobloggers: Mark Ronson's big surprise

So, then, who was Mark Ronson's big surprise guest?

Daniel Merriweather. The bloke who helped him murder the Smiths.


Meanwhile, The Guardian asks Will Young questions and finds out he's got a Winnebago to sleep in. They neglect to ask him what he's doing there.

And Mrs Woman has turned in the best description of the BBC studio so far:

It's not the same since Peely died, but the BBC coverage is still excellent and gets cleverer over time. Interactive viewers can run their own video jukebox of earlier performances, while this year's studios are beautifully themed with a Biba-style motif of stylised berry twigs and huge blue and green sofas. Sounds gross, but not so.

Here, we think it might have been inspired, actually, by an Ikea coffee table we spotted earlier today.

Elsewhere, Words Department counts the number of Guardian blog posts and wonders who's reading them.