Thursday, June 21, 2007

Glastonbury 2007: Blog round up

There would be your battle for the soul of Glasto right there: Greenpeace and Orange Mobile Phones are both blogging from the site. Perhaps their blog teams could just have a massive wrestling match in the Green Field on Saturday, the winner deciding if we should just burn the rest of the oil right now and have done with, or stick to solar panels and biodegradable everythings.

Also somewhere on the site: The Daily Telegraph's letters page editor. It's not clear who will be fielding thundering missives from the Home Counties over the weekend, but it isn't going to be him.

Unless he's taken his Blackberry.

The Q blog has been spattered with spam comments - Navitron seem to be determined to recoup their investment in providing solar showers they're the worst offenders, but someone even got in a cheeky plug for the NME's glasto blog.

Talking of which, NME have so far managed to spot Danny Tourette and a few of Elbow. At this rate, the Daily Telegraph's letters editor might turn out to be the biggest name on Worthy Farm this weekend.