Friday, June 22, 2007

Glastonbury blog round-up

Not too much coming through from people who've paid to be at the Farm yet - despite Orange's hyperbroadbandhypersuper connectivity, but Mr Snappy is hunkered down behind the cinema field - but Flickr is starting to cough up some images. (Be warned, though, if you search on 'Glastonbury' right now, the first picture is a slightly frightening baby's face photoshopped into the sky above the Tor, like a malevolent Tellytubby.

PeterPic has posted a shot of the Banksy installation, built out of old Portaloos - it's been covered in graffiti, although it's not clear if that was the idea. Let's just hope that nobody gets drunk and confused and tries to use them.

The best bit of the Banksy portaloohenge, though, is captured by bank4 - someone's stuck up a homage to the "These toilets are reserved for the Manic Street Preachers" backstage business form a few years back.

Pat Downey's perspective of one of the campsite makes it look more packed than ever - Marcus Brigstocke was just on the Today programme saying the tents are so tightly packed you can't open your own tent without unzipping the vents on the one next door - but then they always say Glastonbury's like a city in every respect; now, there's even the problem of finding somewhere to live if you're too late trying to get on the housing ladder.