Saturday, June 23, 2007

Is there a doctor in the tent?

We're not sure if it's just Sky being a little over the top, but they're reporting 1,200 injuries on site so far:

"... after torrential rain turned the site into a mud-soaked obstacle course.

As opposed, presumably, to a non-mud soaked obstacle course. Unless it was raining obstacles as well.

There's also one man "fighting for his life" (Sky again) after a drug overdose; he's been taken to hospital, along with thirty-two victims of the obstacle course.

That's the health news; in crime (and, of course, Somerset & Avon police boosting their figures by shooting proverbial fish in a biblical mud-pond) news, there have been 121 arrests onsite, and 163 reported offences. Interesting that with all the security that went in to protecting the event from ticket touts, the actual festival goers have been a bit more exposed to poor security this time round. There have been 28 tent thefts so far, despite the much-touted robocop honeytrap tents.