Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kepp your hands off B-day

It turns out that winning a competition to meet Beyonce means precisely that. People who won the prize to meet her in Dublin had a great time:

Fans who had won a brief “meet and greet” in a local radio competition were warned twice that there were to be no bags, kissing, questions or touching.

Organisers of the sold-out gig also charged fans for a photograph with the star.

Because, of course, you'd want to have a permanent memorial of the time you were briefly quite near someone famous.

Oh, and "no bags" - at first, you might think that means you're not getting a small bag of memorabilia - no, it means you couldn't take your own bag with you. Presumably in case it contained a reporter from Watchdog keen to ask Beyonce about the rip-off prices she charges for photographs.