Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Britney Spears: career fears

We're not entirely sure when people say "this whole puking over herself during a photoshoot could harm Britney's career" what they actually mean - surely the real problem for Britney's career is that she's not actually managed to release a proper album for nearly four years. Indeed, it's actually arguable that she doesn't have a career at the moment, and if she does, it would probably be "being photographed in a messed-up state".

This is, of course, the OK magazine shoot. Someone who was either there, or is a composite of people who were, tells The Sun, or a website they've read:

Britney appeared to be out of her mind. She went to the toilet and when she came back she couldn’t continue with the interview.

“Her eyes were rolling back, she was talking nonsense. She ate some food and vomited over her Gucci dress. She was a mess.

Still, pictures of Britney Spears being sick will be good news for aficionados of vomit fetish photos. But how screwed up would you have to be that even OK would notice you're talking useless rubbish?
“They paint a frightening picture and could kill her career. She looked like a young COURTNEY LOVE.”

Now, we don't think this could be right - the young Courtney Love was a brilliant force of nature; just ask Julian Cope. We think they mean she looks like an old Courtney Love.