Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Enemy's enemy is a straw man

The Enemy are quite self-assured for a band whose profile depends as much on one of them being linked to Peaches Geldof as any music they might have made, aren't they?

Today, they give Paul Potts a kicking for, erm, selling more records than them:

"I've just heard that we are about to be knocked off Number One by that fat bloke from Britain's Got Talent," Tom told [Zoe Showbiz]. "It's a fucking disgrace.

"Nobody will know who this bloke is this time next year. If he thinks he is going be making music in a year's time then he has another think coming.

"People who win talent shows have a habit of disappearing. They make one hit album, do a wave of promotion - and then it's on to the next big thing."

Yes, that's true, Tom. He might be a bit of national joke. But he is still selling more records than you, isn't he? And while people who win talent shows do have a bit of habit of getting some attention and then disappearing... you could say the same about bands-mainly-famous-for-hanging-out-with-Peaches-Geldof.


Simon said...

Tom Clarke may be a dark horse for most stupidly quotable frontman of 2007. Quoted on "Bands like Arctic Monkeys are great, especially their first album, but their songs are all about the weekend. Ours are more about the working man. I think having working-class roots does mean better songs as they are songs the majority can relate to."

Tom Clarke is a fan of public school educated diplomat's son Joe Strummer.

Anonymous said...

I'll give The Enemy their due. They've had three fantastic singles. It's a shame the well ran dry the minute they sat down to right the album.

Anonymous said...

Heard about Tom Clarke, enemy, won't give him anything, that's while e in enemy is lower case, just like clarke, low-class low-life. Making fun of Paul Potts, is like calling the kettle black. Hey tom, have u looked at yourself in the mirror lately, your nose is so big, your face so ugly, and u are making fun of Paul. It just shows that u are still at 19 years old, and immature p---k. Do u have the smarts to figure that word. I doubt it. I hope your jealousy over Paul keeps u up at night and no doubt u use drugs, just to be your nasty self. I live in the United States, and just goes to show u how much Paul is loved. Hope your band doesn't sell anymore CD's. May u rot with your big nose and ugly face in an anthill, where u belong.

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