Thursday, July 05, 2007

"I don't intend to use low-energy lightbulbs until Johnny Borrell takes his shirt off"

There's a bemusing survey been released which attempts to predict the effect of Live Earth:

The results showed that in the UK almost three quarters (73%) of those aware of the Live Earth event are planning to watch the concerts on 7th July, and 40% think the event will inspire them to do more to combat climate change. In comparison, 51% of Americans and 39% of Australians thought the event would encourage them to do more.

Is it just us, or is there something odd about the idea that four out of ten people are aware of climate change issues, but are saying they're going to leave off doing anything about it until some bands go on stage?

I worry for us as a nation - presumably there are people still stuck in their flooded homes who are aware of the water rising through their sitting rooms but refusing to come out until Amy Winehouse floats by on a dinghy doing something from the last album.