Monday, July 16, 2007

Rachel Stevens plans to park cars and pump gas

Rachel Stevens looks set to mess with a good thing as she's decided that, rather than being a pop singer (something she's rather good at), she wants to be an actor. In Hollywood. Like that Kate Beckinsale.

Don't do anything rash, Rachel, like sell up and move to LA on this whim...

Too late:

"Everyone knows me as a singer but my heart is in acting. "I am taking lessons because it is the best way to improve. I'm really serious about having a career in America and I am hoping to be signed to an agency soon."

Stevens, of course, is not well-known as an actor because, erm, she isn't very good at it. Two years ago, admittedly, she was in Deuce Bigalow II. A non-speaking part as "the dirty girl". And, let's not forget... erm, 2004's M&S advert and the bit part in a Comic Relief Spiderman spoof. At least it's not going to take casting directors too long to watch her show reel.