Tuesday, July 24, 2007

RIAA: Lawsuits don't work well

It might have come about five years too late, but it looks like the RIAA has finally realised that suing alleged filesharers isn't quite as good an idea as it once thought it was. TGDaily reports:

In a recent conversation with TG Daily, the RIAA acknowledged that suing potential customers “was not the answer,” while adding that the lawsuits were “a necessary part of a larger equation.”

“Litigation tends to generate more heat, friction, and headlines,” Jonathan Lamy, a spokesman for the RIAA told us. “What is the most important anti-piracy strategy is aggressive licensing and offering great legal alternatives. That is what our member companies obviously do and our job is to complement that, which is the most important thing to do to win over fans.”

Obviously, this still doesn't make sense - in what way were lawsuits ever "necessary"? True, they did generate press coverage, but it came in spikes and much of it was rather unflattering. Perhaps the RIAA was attempting to become disliked.