Friday, July 20, 2007

Usher tries to screw his fans

Imagine if someone was happy to work, without reward, building a massive shrine to you and your work. You might be happy to think of all this promotion going on, not costing you a cent.

But what if that person then disagreed with you - perhaps pointing out that you were making a bit of a fool of yourself?

It would probably be wise to take advice like that as well-meaning, even if you chose to ignore it.

Not so Usher: After fansite called his open letter to bloggers "petty", Usher then got pettier, sending a legal demand that the site's URL be transfered over to his record label.

Apparently he believes there may be some sort of precedent which ensures only people who agree with him absolutely are allowed to be his fans. The claim is that people might get "confused" and think the site is an official one - oddly, when the site shared the same worldview as the celebrity, the possibility didn't seem to be of concern. Now, though, as the webpages are starting to carry entries which make it clear that they're not part of the Usher empire, Usher believes people might think they're his views. Very confusing.

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