Sunday, July 22, 2007

Winehouse plays gig. Perhaps she shouldn't.

Having managed to turn up to play a gig, Amy Winehouse was delighted to discover the lucky audience who were actually getting a performance in return for their ticket money included Tyler James, her ex-boyfriend. Consummate professional that she is, Amy decided the show had to go on, and so on it did go, as she went on and on at her ex. According to people who were there, who talk to the People (who weren't), it was like being caught in that MFI advert where people scream at each other as if they weren't in public. We don't understand why MFI think that's going to make people want to buy kitchens, and it clearly isn't going to make people want to buy records.

Winehouse had earlier suggested the audience should be thinking themselves lucky for getting a show:

"At least I turned up.

"I'm so unorganised I don't even know which side of the bed I'm waking up on most days."

Is it just us, or does that sentence not actually make any sense? Who organises what side of the bed they'll be lying on as the dawn arrives? And isn't the problem more that Winehouse doesn't know which barstool she'll be waking up on these days?