Thursday, August 09, 2007

Calvin Harris and the art of acceptable partying

With his big party contest having earned more press coverage than anyone probably expected, Calvin Harris has now posted a video and message milking the publicity a little more ("explaining how to party responsibly"):

“Hello there, well a lot has been made of my attempt to get into the record books with my amazing party extravaganza (that's what i'm calling it nowadays) on August 18th, including various sections of the media outing me as a 'hate figure for parents' which i was trying to keep a secret as i know i have a huge parental fanbase.

That aside, it was suggested that i provide a helpful video blog to set out some key points you should remember when planning your party.

So in order to do this, i nicked my Dad's car, and during my joyride* i took some time out to explain how to party in a responsible manner.

However, i forgot all of the main points bar one, and ended up rambling for about 4 minutes.

*its a joke (in case the Daily Telegraph are reading this)”

It's all fun and games, of course, until someone steals a flatscreen television...