Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dillinger Escaped

Brian Benoit, who has been sitting out the Dillinger Escape Plan since rupturing a disc on-stage in Memphis in April 2005, has decided to step down. The road back to health has been quite a wild one, and the slow-heal of his disc brought about knock-on nerve problems which leaves him still unable to play guitar:

My time in Dillinger began in the fall of 1998, and ended abruptly in May of 2005. I was the blonde whirlwind, the stage slasher, but most of all a guitar player who was fortunate enough to play with four truly phenomenal musicians, and who is honored to be (once) one-fifth of the Dillinger Escape Plan. I've been a part of both Chapter's 1 and 2 (Dimitri and Greg), but unfortunately Chapter 3 will consist of different pages...pages which now won't include me. That is probably the hardest thing I've ever written. In the past 9 years, the Dillinger Escape Plan has been my life, my every waking moment, and even now with what is keeping me from it, I can't seem to move on thinking I'm no longer a central part of it...this absolutely kills me everyday. This band has made me who I am, and that might seem like a steaming hot corn dog smothered in mustard, but with what we've all gone through to get this far (good and bad), the experiences teach you a lot about yourself and what you can endure and overcome as an individual as well as within a band of brothers. It's been the most fun a person could ever dream of in a lifetime, and also the largest sacrifice in the same breath, but i would do it all over again if the circumstances permitted.

We don't even like DEP, but even we're saddened by that.