Saturday, August 04, 2007

Embed and Breakfast man: Stereolab weekend - McCarthy

This weekend, some Stereolab stuff from around YouTube.

But, first, topped with a tell-tale ITV chart show caption, Tim Gane's great lost band, McCarthy, with Keep An Open Mind Or Else from 1989 (as far as we can tell, the only video of the band online - unless you know better than us?)

Serene Velocity - a good 'start here' compilation
Oscillons from the Anti-Sun - 3CD, 1 DVD, comprehensive collection of most of the 'labs work
I Am A Wallet - McCarthy's 20 year-old "communist manifesto with tunes" (© Nicky Wire) reissued by the good people at Cherry Red earlier this year

a nifty mini-menu of other Stereolab stuff will unfold here over the course of the Stereolab weekend
French Disko live on The Word
Pack Yr Romantic Mind live in 2006
Cybele's Reverie live in 1997
Les Ypers Sound live on Later

July 2008: Three Women

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