Saturday, August 11, 2007

Go West

We wouldn't normally suggest buying a record whether you intend to listen to it or not, but the pledge from 50 Cent that he'll retire if Kanye West outsells his album surely makes the Kanye album a tempting purchase.

We are enjoying this strange, one-sided feud - does Halfdollar realise just how ridiculous he looks throwing down all these gauntlets which West is just ignoring?


Anonymous said...

Basically all 50 "George Bush is a gangster" Cent is saying is "how dare Kanye West be a thinking nigger".

50 Cent is a fucking dickhead. On occasions, this devil *has* had some of the best tunes ("In Da Club" is still a stormer) but "Candy Shop" I think is possibly the worst song ever recorded by anyone. Kanye West has managed to bridge the gap between commercial rap and conscious hip-hop in a way that immediately before his emergence as an artist seemed impossible: this, like so much else, is really all about politics.

Mikey said...

I am SO buying the Kanye album tomorrow, and I urge you all to do the same.

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