Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's hardly being star-crossed, is it?

The Daily Mail expresses surprise at the relationship between Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum.

Not because it's Jamie Cullum, which was enough to make us check on Wikiepdia that there aren't two Sophie Dahls. Oh no, the Mail worries about size:

Sophie Dahl's new romance with Jamie Cullum is going from strength-to-strength - despite the 6ft model towering over the 5ft 4in British jazz musician by eight inches.


They looked like an unusual pair at first," said one onlooker at Los Angeles Airport.

"Sophie towered over Jamie, even though she was only wearing flip-flops.

"But she was smiling and seemed very relaxed as he puffed down the stairs with his little suitcase. It was all very sweet."

As 'love against the odds' goes, it's hardly the greatest stumbling block, is it? You can't really picture even Hollywood trying a movie where the pitch was "He was from a privileged background, working in a fast-moving industry... so was she... but he was a little bit shorter. Could they overcome the occasional need for him to stand to tiptoe to kiss her when they were standing up to find true romance?"

Cullum should try heels. It might stop him dancing on the piano, too.