Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Kanye rejects 50 Cent's not-thought-through idea

In a way, we loved the idea that 50 Cent believed it would be possible to decide if he or Kanye West had made the better album by having a Presidential-style televised debate between the pair of them, if only because we can't start to imagine what the questions would have been. In fact, we picture it as being less like Bush and Clinton, more like those stagy boxing match weigh-ins.

Still, figuring that it'd be impossible to get a definitive answer on a question which can only be judged from a personal, subjective level, Kanye West has turned the idea down. We note this is being described as him "backing down", giving the impression that he'd somehow been involved in the original suggestion and now he was getting cold feet, rather than just being offered a chance to partake in an absurd pantomime and not falling for it.

Tomorrow: Oasis and Blur finally settle who's best by going on Vernon Kay's Family Fortunes.