Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kate dumped Pete before he dies - People

There's a bemusing entry in the Sunday People's VIP column which, at the end of a week when the tabloids have been fighting it out over the causes of the Kate/Pete split, reckons it wasn't about jealousy at all:

The supermodel was shocked to find the Babyshambles star's will in a box.

Kate, 33, believes Pete, 28, wants a place in rock and roll history alongside ELVIS, JIM MORRISON, KURT COBAIN and JIMI HENDRIX, who all died young.

She has told pals she doesn't want to watch Pete die. One said: "Finding the will, which contains weird poems and requests, hit her like a thunderbolt."

It does sound like the over-inflated sense of self that Doherty has that he'd be thinking of himself in that sort of company, and it fits with what's looking more and more like a man who isn't quite as smart as we'd hoped he might have been to be in thrall to such a cliched and pompous rock myth. Perhaps, rather than fear of watching him die, Kate dumped him because she didn't want to watch him disappear into self-parody (any further)?