Friday, August 24, 2007

LiveNation, Ticketmaster hate each other as much as they hate you

There's nothing sadder than seeing two evil megacorporations fighting each other.

Sorry, we meant "more amusing", not "sadder". We often get those two muddled up.

TicketMaster has not-quite-announced that it's not going to work with LiveNation any more. The pair have fallen out over how the money gets divided when the US' largest ticket company flogs tickets for the US' biggest concert promoter. And who gets to use the secret super evil hideaway on Labor Day.

It's not clear how LiveNation plans to sell tickets without access to the biggest box office, not quite what Ticketmaster will sell in place of tickets to LiveNation gigs, although it's been rumoured they're considering the possibility of trying a lemonade stand.