Thursday, August 02, 2007

Manson gets stick from Pogo

Stephen 'Pogo' Bier, who spent a lot of time in make-up backing up Marilyn Manson with vaguely gothic keyboard plinky-plonk, is launching a lawsuit:

[He] accuses the Goth rocker and his "musketeers" (his business manager, lawyer and the band's manager) of assisting Manson "in filching millions of dollars the band made over the years." According to an e-mail sent to us that was approved by Bier's lawyer, Keith Fink, Manson promised Bier "partnership proceeds" from the band in 1993, but then spluged on "a multimillion-dollar home, had a lavish wedding in Ireland, gave an engagement ring to Dita von Teese" and collected Nazi artifacts and taxidermy. When Bier asked for the "partnership proceeds," Manson "devised a campaign to drive Bier out of the band and rob him of his entitlement," the e-mail states. "Litigation will begin immediately."

It's not known if Pogo wants cash, or just wants some of the "collected Nazi artifacts."

What's with collecting Nazi stuff, anyway? We know people who collect football team stuff, and we know people who have a collection of music memorabilia. Generally, they collect stuff from the team they support. Now, we know Manson likes to try and pretend to be shocking, but using a bunch of mass murderers to make your eyeliner-and-pvc shtick seem more spooky? If it wasn't so soggy, it'd be pathetic.