Thursday, September 27, 2007

Capital of Culture: With the Beatles

If we remember the early days of Liverpool's Capital of Culture bid clearly, one of the great drivers was proving to the world that there's more to the city's culture than the Beatles.

Now they've announced the key event for the festivities, and it turns out to be a Beatle. Paul McCartney, in fact, playing a gig at Anfield.

Anfield's a great choice, in fact - visitors can enjoy the gig, then wander two streets down to see the shamefully-treated terrace streets that are being left to rot, before enjoying a few minutes in the glorious Victorian gift to the city's people, Stanley Park. Assuming they avoid the bits that are being dug up to build a football venue for Liverpool FC.

There are some interesting events on the block, though - the 2008 Electric Proms are coming out of London "for the first time" (i.e. they haven't done it in the first two years) and there's a musical based on Erics scheduled for October.

That the content might be being spread somewhat thinly, though, across the twelve months is suggested by the Echo billing "the World Firefighter games" as one of the biggest events.


Anonymous said...

"...there's a musical based on Erics scheduled for October."

How do write a musical based on a venue? Surely that's just going to be a series of punk tribute bands? And, presumably, the real Echo and the Bunnymen.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

*whistles chorus of Who's Pete Wylie*

I'm waiting for the mime about Planet X myself...

Anonymous said...

Rach is rehearsing it as we speak... I think this musical-based-on-venue rather than actual-story malarkey could catch on. I await "Bull and Gate: The Musical," in which a series of tributes to never-signed but cunningly named student bands parade their totally unknown songs before an audience comprising of...well, the cunningly named bands themselves, I imagine. I'm actually writing "Dunstable Bird i'the hand: The Musical" whilst writing this missive.

Liverpool never fails to live up to expectation, does it?

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