Saturday, September 29, 2007

The curious Top Shop question

Beth Ditto was a guest in last night's Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. There was much of the "you ate a squirrel" type of stuff (indeed, that's the official clip on YouTube) and what is presumably the first mention of Ladyfest on prime-time BBC1.

But there was one very odd exchange.

Ross asked Ditto if she'd consider designing a fashion range for Top Shop - specifically Top Shop - to which Ditto replied "yes, but...", stipulating that they'd have to make ranges large enough to fit her.

Obviously, Ditto knows that she's told the press more than once that she's turned Top Shop down and, presumably, while Ross' research team were digging up the squirrel story, they'd have come across this.

And even if they hadn't, wouldn't it be slightly strange for Ross to have plucked Top Shop out of all the high street brands from thin air?

And even if he had, why did Beth not mention that she'd already turned them down?

It's all somewhat curious.


Anonymous said...

you mean to say that jonathan ross and beth ditto are doing the new asda adverts? right?

Anonymous said...

Beth: Oh, that Top Shop! Sorry, I misunderstood Jonathan's question. Yeah, no, I'd never have anything to do with Top Shop. They stock a range 'designed' by Kate Moss, and I have nothing to do with her either.

Alex B said...

The funniest part was our Rossy asking her if she was 'bigger in the US', or 'big everywhere'.

I laughed a lot.

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