Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Geldof misses the joy of Six

Naturally, we all wish to know the views of the man whose production companies gave us The Big Breakfast and The Word when it comes to the current rash of TV and radio fakery stories, and Bob Geldof doesn't disappoint. He's not bothered at the 6Music claims:

"No one listens to BBC 6Music anyway."

Words that might make the next Ten Alps pitch to Radio 2 a little trickier, what with Lesley Douglas controlling both the networks.

More surprisingly, Geldof is outraged by Blue Peter fudging the name of the cat - he compares this to God lying to you, and pledges to send back his Blue Peter award, if he can remember what it is:
"I am going to hand it back," he fumed. "It is a Blue Peter mega thing. I got a huge thing. It was an annual thing. I will send it back in disgust."

The Blue Peter Mega Thing Annual Prize. Blimey, nobody's ever been self-important enough to send that back.

Of course, Bob knows a thing or two about inaccuracies carried on the BBC, because he's been responsible for a fairly big one himself, when he told Jonathan Ross that the island of Lampedusa had buried "thousands" of bodies of fleeing Africans, running out of space in the graveyards and sending for container ships to take the bodies off the island. At best, this turns out to have been a grotesque exaggeration.


Anonymous said...

Funny that, here's another example of Bobsie being economical with the telly truth during his Geldof in Africa series from a couple of years ago. His production team arranged in advance of the trip to do some filming in the town of Ajumako-Bisease, but then.....
"Sir Bob’s documentary seems to have used creative licence when it showed the crew’s car breaking down in the middle of nowhere in the dark continent, after which crew members stumbled into a town where locals were so impressed by the pale raggedy Irishman that they instantly crowned him chief of development."

Perhaps Geldof would like to hand back the crown in protest at his own lack of integrity?

Anonymous said...

This is a bit like Lennon sending his MBE back, only different, if the government ever lied over something as important as this, Bob would probably send his KBE back.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumour that after a few years Bob changed the recipient of royalties from Do They Know It's Christmas from charity to himself - surely the self-promoting miserablist can't be that bad?

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