Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hammer Time again

There's much to be enjoyed in the news of MC Hammer's comeback tour from the Daily Record, not least the botched way they've cut and pasted chunks from one of those "you're a child of the eighties" emails into the end of the article to "get you in the mood", and the strident attempt of the management of Glasgow's Classic Grand to try and talk-up the prospect of a Hammer gig as being anything other than a nostalgic attraction:

"We are thrilled to have him and have gone all out to get him. He has a hefty entourage of around 20 people and such a massive list of demands that we won't see much change out of £20,000 after all his needs have been met. But we think he will be worth it.

"The night is not targeted at mums and dads who want a bit of nostalgia and it's not just a student night either. It's on a Friday night so will have an edgier vibe for fans of people like Calvin Harris."

Hmm. A forty-five year old evangelical preacher who had his own cartoon series for kids and was mainly known for comedy trousers. Yes, that's going to be edgy.