Saturday, October 13, 2007

Embed and breakfast man: Veruca Salt weekend

Oddly, although they've been prone to disintegration a wart in a bottle of Bazuka, Veruca Salt have never quite gone away completely - although on this side of the Atlantic, you could be forgiven for thinking they did Seether and that was it. So, this weekend, we've got a slew of stuff from the band through their half-dozen line-ups and decade-and-a-half of releases.

To kick off, this is 1997; the band are on Rosie O'Donnell's show - and this is Morning Sad. We don't know why a bottle of Listerine appears on the screen before the interview:

Purchases are possible:
1997's Eight Arms To Hold You, the album being promoted on O'Donnell
IV, the sort-of-comeback from last year on Sympathy For The Record Industry
Resolver - we were listening to this when we thought "it's probably time for a Veruca Salt weekend"
Former Salteen Nina Gordon's second solo album - don't say Aimee Mann, she gets sick of that

As usual, we'll list further dips into the Veruca Salt catalogue from across the weekend at the foot of this post
Number One Blind - video from 1994
Shutterbug - live on Saturday Night Live
All Hail Me - live in British Columbia, 2007

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