Saturday, October 20, 2007

Winehouse outed herself

Down in the comments section on Winehouse's arrest in Norway, there's been some speculation as to how the cops knew she was in possession.

According to this morning's Victoria Newton page, she more-or-less gave herself away:

Insiders say she was so incoherent that cops refused to interview her until 11pm. Then they kept her overnight for her own safety in a tiny cell with a concrete bed.

A source said: "They are very strict about drug taking in Norway. With her past record they thought there was more than just a couple of spliffs. When she opened the hotel room door it was obvious she was wasted. She was mumbling and no one could understand her.

"Amy and Blake were put in separate cells but Amy couldn’t be interviewed straight away because she was totally incoherent.

"She was co-operative and even let an officer in training look in her eyes so he could recognise how a person high on drugs looks."

Trouble is, Norway have now embarked on arresting anyone with a beehive as greenhorn cops have decided that spraying and backcombing must be a sign. Mari Wilson has been advised to avoid Bergen at all costs.