Monday, November 26, 2007

Casey Calvert: Asthma blamed

Further to the news at the weekend of the death of Hawthorne Heights guitarist Casey Calvert, Billboard are reporting that the probable cause of death was an acute asthma attack.

[Casey Calvert obituary]


Anonymous said...

Dam that sucks. their music was alright but it sucks that they dont have casey anymore =(

Anonymous said...

You wont be forgoten

Anonymous said...

no, he died of an accidental overdose.... get the facts straight...

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Anonymous: If you're going to honk about "getting facts straight", you might want to pay attention to what you're responding to.

This post was made on 26th November; it says that Billboard were reporting that he'd died from asthma.

Because on 26th November, Billboard were reporting that he'd died from asthma.

The reason why I hadn't referred to the findings of the December 17th autopsy which you link to was because, at this point, it hadn't happened.

Anonymous said...

anywho it sucks casey died that were the first band i acyually liked.either way his death WAS accident.

Anonymous said...

mmk, person who sent the link to MTV news, uhm, get your facts straight, please...

if you dig a little bit deeper, Casey died from a deadly combination of meds for depression and some Vicodin that had been prescribed to him by his dentist when he had gotten a root canal. so it was the combo of meds he had, not an actual "over"dose.

also, it has been stated that his airway passages closed up, meaning that it was probably an asthmatic reaction to the drugs.

i do realize that this information wasn't out when you wrote this, but still.
i had to rant.


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