Friday, November 23, 2007

Kate Moss drug shock: They're legal

It takes two people - "THOMAS WHITAKER and BEN ASHFORD" - to bring a report about Kate Moss taking drugs at Davinia Taylor's "30"th birthday party at the weekend back to the Newton entertainment bunker, which seems a surprising level of manning for a story which cheerfully admits it involved nothing more taxing than copying down something off the internet:

House DJ Eastwick, 34, said on a internet forum: 'Kate Moss spent all night in the booth — I did poppers with her.'

Perhaps it took two people to try and work up the suspense in the piece - from the headline through the byline, it's forty-eight words before you discover they're talking about poppers, which, as the paper admits in the end, aren't actually illegal to take:
Poppers — known as amyl nitrate — are legal to take but illegal to supply.

Indeed, the paper actually uses the word "cocaine" (which is illegal, and she wasn't using) before it gets to "poppers", and then concludes with a not-entirely relevant reminder of something Kate Moss did ages ago:
Kate was pictured in September 2005 taking lines of cocaine.

Which isn't, of course, relevant but is just there to make Kate Moss look like she might be a bit shady. Fancy dredging up shame from the past to end an article on a 'can you trust them' note, eh?

In 1987, The Sun paid a million pounds to Elton John following false allegations that he had his guard dogs silenced so their barking didn't disturb him.