Thursday, November 08, 2007

Power out: Electrelane on hiatus

Electrelane, one of the greatest Brighton bands of all-time, have effectively split up, they said in an announcement:

"We have decided that the upcoming gigs will be our last for the foreseeable future. After ten years of much fun and hard work, we have realised that we all need a break and time to do other things. This was a tough decision for us to make, but ultimately a positive one.

"A big thank you to everyone who has come to our shows, put on our shows, and bought our records over the years. It means a lot to us. We're really grateful to have had the opportunity to play gigs all over the world and to meet so many lovely people. This last year has been especially enjoyable and we feel happy about moving on with all these good memories to look back on. At the moment we haven't made any band plans for the future but we're going to have a break and see what happens.

"Love, Electrelane"

They're spending November on a wind-down tour, before entering into Walt Disneyesque suspended animation on ice after a Brighton gig on December 1st.

As they go west, we say goodbye with the video for To The East:

Over the next day or so, there'll be more YouTubey Electrelane goodness as an act of mourning; we'll list them here as they appear
Birds live in Montreux
Blue Straggler live in New York

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