Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Quinn dumped

Ray Quinn is hastily being reformatted as a "West End Star" after the X-Factor bloke got the poke from Sony BMG. Still, it's nice that Chicago exists to provide a halfway house between fame and the awkward moment when the Job Centre asks you if you have any skills.


Anonymous said...

It's not over yet for Ray; He's still the headline act at Butlins' Party in the Pavilion in Minehead this month.

Sorry, did I say 'headline'? I meant 'Billed just below Shayne Ward, Simon Webbe, Alesha Dixon, Ben Mills Who Ray Apparently Beat in X Factor and Ashley the One Who Forgot His Words on X Factor'.

Still, he's above Chico on the list. And the Redcoats performing the S Club 7 medley. And Spike dressed as Lord Nelson.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

James, that's a terrible thing to say. Spike will be dressed as a funny Lord Nelson.

Still, it's almost heartbreaking isn't it? I can picture Quinn trying to memorise his line: 'pies, pies, who wants custard pies?'

Anonymous said...

You've got me thinking now. I think I'd willingly buy tickets to a Ray Quinn gig if I knew that, should he try to butcher 'Mack the Knife' again, I could rely on the swift justice of a tubby man with sideburns rushing the stage and shouting "What should we do?!"
"Throw him in the pool!"

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