Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Sun isn't impressed with Heather Mills website

A couple of weeks after Heather Mills launched her online campaign against The Sun, the paper is sniffy about her success:

Figures released by internet monitors Alexa, reveal her site was only the 242,174th most viewed in the UK – around the same as specialist

That does sound pretty poor. If you don't know anything about the internet or the UK. Fishing is the most popular sport in the UK, so turning in a performance like the mighty isn't actually that bad.

And 242,174th might sound low-placed, but since Netcraft have counted 142,805,398 websites on the net at the moment, that isn't actually too bad a placing.

The paper tries again:
Mucca’s offering was 167,092 places below the official Beatles website.

Really? All this shows is that the Beatles - who are a pretty well established brand with a wide, international fanbase - are only the 75,000th most popular website in the UK, demonstrating how a rather lowly-sounding position in the chart isn't a sign of being shunned by the public.

But the paper isn't finished:
More than a third of visitors – 36 per cent – were not even based in the UK.

Heavens! Foreign people! Perhaps, though, those readers "not based in the UK" include, erm, the owner of The Sun? And - according to Comscore research - 42% of's readers are, themselves, based overseas.