Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Love: It's because I am a lady

Courtney Love has figured a reason why people think she's a bit of a hellraiser. No, surprisingly, it's nothing to do with the way she'll strip off and run, drunk, down the street during a magazine cover shoot. Or being arrested smashing bottles outside rivals houses. Or the drugs. Oh, no - it's because she is a woman:

"There is a disconnect between who I am and how I am perceived. I used to play up to it a bit when I was on drugs because who cares: sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, waaaaah! I always seem to come number two to Keith Richards in lists of greatest hell-raisers of all time. But if I was a guy, I wouldn't even be on the list! I didn't know it was such a guy's job. It's like playing football in high heels and lipstick, no wonder it smears."

That's right. If you were a guy, we'd barely notice you as you careered down the street yelling and puking and fighting, Courtney.


Anonymous said...

While the drugs and various antics obviously don't help, Love's gender does seem to make it a bit easier to vilify her--for instance, all the knee-jerk accusations that she was simply riding Kurt Cobain's coattails despite having her own more-than-viable band before meeting him. (It's the Yoko Ono Syndrome again; while Love and Brody Dalle have been often condemned as talentless gold-digging bitches for marrying Cobain and marrying/divorcing Tim Armstrong, respectively, I've yet to hear anyone complain that, say, Gavin Rossdale is just coasting off wife Gwen Stefani's success.)

But while I agree that she'd probably get less "tsk-tsking" if she was a guy, it's more than a little disingenuous (or perhaps, judging by her blogging, just plain oblivious) of her to claim that it's the "hellraiser" rep isn't in the slightest deserved. For that matter, why does she suddenly even give a damn about it? Weird.

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