Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Amy tapes handed over to cops

We're presuming - and we apologise if we're wrong - that the fact the column to one side of the Amy Winehouse story is bylined "By Gordon Smart - Bizarre Editor" implies that, once again, the key showbiz story has been written by someone else today.

The Sun is thrilled that the cops are asking for a look at the Amy Winehouse video:

We handed over a copy at the request of the Metropolitan Police after two officers from the SCD6 Specialist and Economic Crime Command visited our Wapping HQ.

The film was later passed on to Tower Hamlets detectives, who were set to analyse it.

A Met spokesman said last night: “Now we have received the information we will be viewing the footage to ascertain whether any action needs to be taken. We thank The Sun for its co-operation.”

We're not sure that quite stands up the Sun's front page claims:
Exclusive: Star may be charged - Copes seize our Amy film

In fact, it sounds like it should read:
Action of some vague sort might be taken - Sun gives police the Amy film that someone else shot

And while we realise that this isn't exactly a Clive Ponting case, should the paper be handing over stuff like this to the police? Isn't this going to implicate the person who shot the video? Can you square just giving up the source to the cops with best journalistic practice?

Meanwhile, the paper talks to Mitch Winehouse, who thinks it's all for the best:
“No one recognises the problems more than her and seeing images of herself like that may make the difference.

“The moment she says the words, ‘Right Dad go, this is it’, there will be an avalanche of support for her. The plans have been in place for a long time.”

So, she's well aware what her problmes are, but is just waiting for someone to print a picture of her doing crack and hand her over to the cops? It must be heartbreaking to be Mitch Winehouse, but surely he can see that colluding with the Sun in the downfall of his daughter isn't really going to do any good.