Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bedingfield to UK: Feel the rain on your own bloody skins

What are we to make of the excuse given for Natasha Bedingfield pulling her UK tour?

"It is with the greatest regret that Natasha Bedingfield has had to cancel her forthcoming U.K. tour. "This is through no fault of Natasha herself, but due to her American record label insisting that she remains in the U.S. to promote the release of her album. All tickets will be reimbursed."

Clearly, if it's economic to pull the tour in the UK, while having to desperately pump the album in the US, there's something going wrong somewhere in the Bedingfield camp.

Certainly, critical reaction to Pocketful of Sunshine has been somewhat muted - it scrapes 66 on Metacritic. The label isn't that impressed with the album, either; it had previously shelved the release last Spring (Pocketful Of Sunshine is the record released as NB in the UK, with some new tracks trying to pad out the collection.)

It's also amusing that Sony BMG are putting the blame on Bedingfield's "American label" for the cancellation - Bedingfield being on Epic in the US, which is a brand of Sony BMG. So when they say "her American record label", they mean... erm, "us".