Monday, January 21, 2008

Cilla: I let Mills be a blind date

At the moment, Cilla Black stalks the daytime television schedules, telling us that the sixties were a special time and reminding you that everyone you care about will die, so you better sort yourself out with some sort of assurance from Liverpool Victoria. Or LV= as it seems to be called these days. It's not clear why, having done all they can to throw the Liverpool connection overboard, they've then hired Cilla Black to hammer it back home again.

Mind you, they've also gotten rid of their lovely chicken logo, too.

We're not sure we'd take Cilla's advice on caring for loved ones, especially as she's now admitted she kept her mouth shut and let Macca walk into the Mills marriage. Oh, why, Cilla, why?

Black, 64, was wary about the union but resisted offering McCartney her opinion on Mills because she feared he wouldn't heed her advice. She says, "If you're totally besotted with somebody - as Paul was with Heather - you don't want a third party telling you what to do.

"I do advise most of my friends. But not Paul. Mind you, if he'd asked I'd have said what I thought. I'd have told him he had to make his own mistakes. That's the only way you learn.

"But I might have suggested that perhaps he should listen to what his family were saying."

So, she advises her friends.

Although people don't listen when they're besotted, so she doesn't.

But she would have done if Paul had asked. Which he hadn't.

But if he had, she would have told him to make his own mistakes.

Except she wouldn't have, she'd have said listen to the kids.

What a tragedy that McCartney never got to hear this clashing, confused