Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dead man liked dead man: Coincidence? Erm... yes

As conspiracy theories go, we're not sure that Heath Ledger liking Nick Drake quite justifies Pitchfork's "startling dimension" description. Nor, come to that, that a love of a musician Ledger mentioned in a 2007 MTV interview can count as a "revelation", come to that.

Indeed, attempting to both have its macabre cake and eat it, Pitchfork even tuts at the very speculation it's indulging in:

these alarming parallels have no doubt sparked rampant speculation

concludes the 'Fork on an article headlined
The Heath Ledger/Nick Drake Connection
Actor claims obsession with Drake, simulates suicide on 2007 video to Drake's music

Not, of course, that it would speculate rampantly.