Friday, January 04, 2008

Echoes silenced

Of Echoes, popular-but-unsigned drift-goth rockers, have had their MySpace account hacked and deleted just as they were talking to labels about a deal. They're hoping to rebuild the record of their fanbase and are putting out an APB to tempt them to resubscribe.


Anonymous said...

Raises an interesting point - as so many (every?) bands/labels/whatever use Myspace as a professional tool, Myspace needs to offer the sort of facilities you'd get with any other online business tool, eg. backing up your bloody mailing list! They need to recognise what a wide gulf there is between the needs of their pro users, and teens chatting to their mates.

And after Googling to no avail, I've got to ask, what is AFB?

Alex B said...

It also raises the obvious point that they're not that good at avoiding phishing scams, or had a particularly easy to guess password.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

It's a P, not an F - all points bulletin.

Anonymous said...

*tears eyes away from goth cutie long enough to comment (thanks Simon!)* MySpace's tech support and coding is a joke...nothing new, but it bears repeating.

What the hell is "drift-goth"? Every time I think I've heard every sub-genre and permutation of gothic possible, they come out with something new...

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