Saturday, January 26, 2008

Embed and breakfast man: The Ride Weekend

I think it's probably fair to say that, of all the bands I've given my heart to, Ride are the ones who probably changed my life, and its velocity and vectors, to the greatest extent. Clearly, it all ended it tears - and Andy Bell's subsequent work for Oasis has been heartbreaking (like having the world's greatest pastry chef operating the machine to squirt the filling into Mr Kipling's fruit pies) - but there was a time, from the first appearance on Sunb TV to roughly the dying moments of OX4, where they were just about perfect.

So, then: a weekend with Ride. Kicking off with Dreams Burn Down, live in the Brixton Academy, 1992.

More across the weekend; they'll be listed here as they go up
Twisterella from the ITV Chart Show
Vapour Trail live in Madrid
Chelsea Girl - promo
Like A Daydream - promo and Reading 1992
Today - promo

Buyer's Guide:
Nowhere - a 2006 remastering of the debut album (and, frankly, their greatest work)
Waves: The BBC Sessions - most essential for their Dead Can Dance cover
Box Set - contains a best of, a b-sides collection, and a live album
Smile - a combination of their two debut eps, 'roses' and 'daffodils'


¡ said...

fellow ride lover,
got your link from dc's blog.
loved them from the beginning as well. Still listen to them all the time, especially driving on la freeways, really loud.
thanks, made my week.

Anonymous said...

Got this link from my fellow Austin American-Statesman writer, Joe Gross.

Ride changed my sonic life too; thanks for the links. I'll be checking out your blog from now on. I feel like I got to the party late when it comes to your blog.



Simon Hayes Budgen said...

It's funny - although Ride were never that huge, the number of people you come across for whom they were important is quite incredible. There's an interesting sideline, too, in the way their manager Dave Newton actively promoted a local band scene, virtually from nothing, in Oxford and built the city into quite a musical power...

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