Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Enemy beg 'don't hate us'

The Enemy's Tom Clarke has apologised for pulling their European tour:

“Please accept my apologies for having to again cancel the recent shows in Europe. I’ve come down with a bacterial throat infection that’s made it impossible to sing and forced us to come home. It’s the last thing we wanted to happen, but under doctors orders I am back home resting.”

“We got one blinding show into the tour in Holland, I wake up the following day and can't sing! We cancelled one show and tried to wait it out but I just got worse.

“I’m gutted about this, we were really up for coming over there giving it 10 and blowing you lot away, especially after having to cancel last time too! Please bear with us, we’re dying to get back out there, but the doc says no. Hopefully I’ll get the all clear soon and back out on the road.”

One night in the Netherlands and you've picked up a bacterial infection, have you, Tom? We had a mate who that happened to. Yoghurt and bedrest sorted him out.